Mobile Presets: The Products ~ White Bundle


Small business and shop owners who want a white, sharp, light, clean vibe... these are the presets for you! This white bundle is intended to clean up and brighten up your product shots that have primarily a white background.

Whether your phone snaps are too warm, too cool, too dark, or just not bright enough, I've included a preset in this bundle to solve those problems. These are intended to create a white fresh vibe, while still maintaining the details of your product and the integrity of your photo.

The White Bundle of the Product Presets are perfect for creating a professional, clean, light & airy look for your social media feed and website. They will also help you stay consistent with what you offer for your brand.

Since these presets truly will work best on pictures that have a white background, I have also created a separate set for the wood and deeper tones images. You can find those back in the shop.

These presets are created by a professional photographer and will allow you to easily access the beauty of lightroom on your phone all while avoiding the larger learning curve of professional editing.

The details:

  • This bundle includes 8 mobile presets:
    • White - true to color 1
    • White - true to color 2
    • White - brighter 1
    • White - brighter 2
    • White - brighter 3
    • White - warmer 1
    • White - warmer 2
    • White - funky

  • Works with the free Lightroom Mobile app

  • Works on iPhone or Android Phone

  • Once you purchase, a step-by-step instruction video will be provided for you so won't struggle to install or use these. It'll be easy peasy!


(move the arrows on pictures to see results)