lightroom mobile presets

Mobile Presets - The Shadows


Brighten up all of those lovely phone pictures that you've taken out in the sunshine. This set of Lightroom mobile presets will help you brighten the shadows on those sunny-shadowy phone pictures.

These presets will work with a wide variety of images but are primarily intended to brighten your outdoor shadows. They will also give your colors a little pop and will sharpen your images.

The Shadows Presets are perfect for your everyday life. Whether you're a mama, a blogger, a teacher, a traveler, or just someone who enjoys capturing moments with your phone. These presets will make your life (and your phone photos) a little bit better. They will work on some indoor pictures but are primarily intended for those taken out in the sunshine.

These presets are created by a professional photographer and will allow you to easily access the beauty of lightroom on your phone all while avoiding the larger learning curve of professional editing.

The details:

  • This bundle includes 3 mobile presets:
    • Light shadows + sharpen
    • Medium shadows + sharpen
    • Dark shadows + sharpen

  • Works with the free Lightroom Mobile app

  • Works on iPhone or Android Phone

  • Once you purchase, a step-by-step instruction video will be provided for you so won't struggle to install or use these. It'll be easy peasy!


(move the arrows on pictures to see results)