Vault FAQ and Instructions

This video will show how to navigate your personal Vault.

Don't worry, it's easy.

Do I have to keep track of my Vault link?

No...that's too much work. Easily make it an icon on your phone so you can always find it.

instructions - create homescreen icon

Here's how to keep track of your Vault link on a computer...

Create a bookmark on your computer instead of searching for your Vault link. Open your browser, go to your Vault page. Then simply hold down "command D" or "control D" to create a bookmark. This should work on PC or Mac and across all browsers.

Can I download digital images to my iPhone or computer?

Yes! It's easy. Below I've created instructions as to how to download one image to your iPhone. You can also download the whole gallery, but that will come in an email and I recommend opening that email and downloading the entire gallery to your computer (cuz, that's a lot of pictures).

instructions - download 1 image
instructions - download whole gallery

What about ordering prints, canvases, and gifts?

You guys, it's so easy and so fabulous. And remember, Vault member prices are 50% off or more of my regular pricing. Your images are already there so no need to upload or anything. (Uploading is a pain!) Just find the image you want, click on it, and start placing your order. Crop and zoom in right there as you order. You can see some of these details in the video at the very top of this page.

You are ordering from a professional photography lab that I personally use and trust. You will pay for your order securely online and it'll be shipped to your front door.

Can I order prints, canvases, and gifts from my phone?

Yes, you can. You can easily order a quick print from your phone, but not everything is available to order on the phone. You cannot crop, zoom, or alter the photo on your phone. So, if you want to make any adjustments or if you're ordering wall prints or canvases, I would recommend ordering them from a computer or iPad/tablet. Christmas ornaments are only available to order on a computer.

instructions - order prints iphone