About Me

Cori Derksen


Hi there!

My goal is to capture beautiful moments for you all while alleviating the stress of pictures.

I will be here along the way if you need help planning out clothing for your family.

No need to stress about your kids acting perfectly. I'm a boy mom. We'll get 'em and we'll get those real smiles.

When photographing your newborn, you can come to my studio in Clovis, California. You only need to bring that sweet baby and some milk. All the other things are provided for you.

If you're looking for milestone photos of your growing little one, a client closet is available at the studio. I'm here to make photography easy and beautiful for YOU.

Let me cut to the chase. Basically, I'm truly here for you... and to create gorgeous images that you will treasure for many many years.

xoxo, 😉

cori 2021