What happens after the session?

Within two weeks after your session, your images will be fully edited and put online for you to view. These same edited digital images will be delivered to you via dropbox. If you would like to order anything additional you will be able to at that time via email, phone, or an in person appointment.

How old should my baby be when we take pictures?

Newborns are best photographed within the first 4-10 days of life. We want the baby to still be itty bitty and mostly still be sleepy and moldable. They start to wake up to the world after that first week. Contact me before your baby is due and let’s schedule a tentative date for the photo shoot to make sure you get on my calendar. I only take a limited number of babies each month. During a little one’s first year of life I recommend doing pictures around 6-8 months (when able to sit up) and 12 -14 months (when able to stand on their own).

What do I need to do to prepare for my newborn photo shoot?

  • The morning of the session, please keep baby awake the best you can. Give her a bath, play and interact with her so she’ll be good and tired when it comes time for our photo session.
  • Put baby in a diaper (fasten the diaper loosely to avoid diaper lines) without any clothes and cover her with a blanket in the carseat. If you’d rather put your baby in clothing then please put her in something that zips or buttons up the front so that it is easy to take off. We want to avoid things that go over her head and will disrupt her sleepiness.
  • Give baby a long full feeding right before you leave home to come to my studio and hopefully she will fall asleep on the car ride here.
  • Please bring a pacifier along just in case even if baby doesn’t currently use one. They are often helpful for the session.
  • If you are using formula or able to pump please be prepared with a bottle of milk in case baby needs it during the session. If you are only comfortable with breastfeeding and not bottle feeding that is fine. Bottles are just helpful at times.
  • Newborn sessions usually take about two hours but can last up to three hours if baby needs more nursing and snuggling time. Please be prepared for this amount of time and let dad know that it will take this long.
  • If you’d like pictures of an older sibling with the new baby I will request that if at all possible another adult bring the older sibling near the end of our session. Maybe dad, grandma, or a friend can bring the older sibling later. It’s better for everyone if the older children are not there waiting the whole time and are fresh when it’s their turn for photos.
  • I will make the room nice and toasty warm for our naked baby. So please be prepared for warmth. Layering clothing works well.

What about all the little hats & headbands for the newborn shoots?

I have lots of hats, headbands, wraps, and diaper covers that we can use. But I always love something new and unique to your little baby! So, if you’d like to, feel free to buy something that fits your tastes and bring it along. Plan ahead if you’re ordering online though as some of these vendors can take a little while. Keep in mind that delicate and soft is better on a tiny baby. You don’t want the flower on the headband too big or the colors so bright that it takes away from your baby’s newborn perfection. I have plenty of props so there’s no need to bring any of those with you.

Some of my favorite online shops to buy little newborn accessories are:

JD Vintage Props
Goodnight Mouse
Beautiful Ewe
Castaway Collection

Where do you take the pictures?

I have a small studio space in Old Town Clovis on 3rd and Pollasky (625 3rd, Clovis, CA 93612) for those newborn babies up through one year olds. For everyone older than one year, I really prefer and love taking photos out on location. As far as where? It’s really up to you. Whether it’s the buildings in old town, down by the river, your home, some orchards, vineyards, or the beautiful foothills we’re sure to get some fabulous images. If you don’t feel like you have any great ideas, then I would love to offer up a few.

What if my little ones don’t sit perfectly still and smile?

Many moms are a bit stressed as they prepare their families for pictures. Then the actual moment comes and they are worried that everyone will just “fall apart”. Don’t stress. Don’t worry. We’re just going to “play and explore” if there are little ones. Please relax and know that no….all will not be perfect, but…we will get some fantastic shots of your children playing and interacting. They may not be the JC Penney’s type of shot where everyone is looking perfectly at the camera and smiling just so. But I prefer the ones where everyone is expressing a bit of themselves anyway and I hope you do too! Just remember, if you’re stressed, your children can feel it, so relax and let’s have fun with it.

What should we wear?

I prefer to photograph my newborn babies naked! Gotta love that little tiny body. Just swaddle them up in a sweet blanket to keep them cozy. I will have a few diaper covers if you’d rather have them keep their diaper on, both knitted and with little delicate ruffles. You can check out my pinterest board for ideas of what parents and siblings can wear during the newborn session. I also have a couple of pinterest boards with clothing ideas for the other more grown up people in the pictures that you can look at.

If you would like help with putting together your children’s outfits and would like to buy local, I highly recommend you go see Jessica over at Cavelle Kids. She’s fabulous and is willing to help any of my clients put some gorgeous outfits together for your little ones for your session with me.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, check, credit card, or paypal. Make checks payable to Derksen Photography. The $200 session fee is due at the time of booking in order to save your date. The remainder ($600) is due the week of your session.

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