little miss saylor

This is Saylor. She’s a sweetie. Her sweet little face and sweet little spirit. Love it.

I just want to remind some of you mamas out there…that photo shoots don’t always go perfectly perfect. Saylor cried some during this shoot (mostly nearing the end) and her big brother didn’t go for it like we hoped. I feel like it’s like this for so many of us (we just assume that no one else is experiencing it)….photo shoots don’t always go like we have envisioned….but…that’s ok! After all, they’re kids. 🙂 That’s what happens.  But, my hope is that we can always get some pictures that we didn’t expect during those times. Hey, it’s not just all of you out there. I’m a mom. I have little ones. My family had their photos taken by a friend of mine today and she had to bribe my little boys with jelly beans. They don’t always cooperate like we hope. But hey, we’ll still get something good! We will… 🙂

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