the watt extended family

Introducing…the Watt family, all of them. They’re really a very somber and quiet group. Ummm…no…that’s right, they were the ones that I should’ve been recording as grandma, aunties, and mamas, all were dancing around singing and clapping their hands attempting to get the little ones to laugh. Translation: the Watts are awesome! 🙂 They brought their own entertainers for the little ones. Thanks for that! And thanks for making me laugh out loud multiple times. Oh and I kind of recall some sort of neighing horse or cow or something too, hmmm. You guys are a fun crew! I love it!

watt blog 3

If you know this little Gabi, you just love her. It’s impossible not to. Gabi had a hard time during our shoot. She is so so precious though. Just look at her. This picture was taken at the very end of our shoot. Look. There’s a leftover tear below her right eye. Awww, Gabi girl. All you mamas out there, sometimes little ones have a hard time and really, it’s okay. It all works out! 🙂

watt blog 8