most amazing weekend

Our little family of four just got back from a vacation camping at the coast. We camp near the backside of the Pismo Dunes. These dunes are the most amazing sight. I’ve seen the dunes many times before…the ones with all the ATVs, tents, trailers, and just so busy, busy, busy you have to watch out for all the motor vehicles. But this is the other side of the dunes. The back side. The ones that seem like you’re the first to walk on the sandy hills. They are gorgeous, breathtaking. The wind must clean them all off each time, cause they really make me feel like I’m the first to lay a foot on them. Here’s one pic of my three boys on the untouched dunes. (Notice how far behind them my husband is.  :) He had trouble keeping up with them. They were loving running from one mountain top to the next).

Wow. What an amazing Creator we have.