friday faves…

Friday… what a week…we started kindergarten for the first time. Here are my favorites from this week:

  • Seeing my little Kyle and his excitement for his first day of kindergarten… awesome!
  • Making yummy chocolate peanut butter cookies with my little boys. Deeelish!
  • Eating the dough from the chocolate peanut butter cookies. Mmm, mmm (the dough’s the best part you know)
  • My husband. He’s an amazing, awesome man. I am so grateful to be attached to him.

Not so faves (I know, should be positive, but really…)

  • Getting up and getting my kids out of the house for school, every day. Really? It just keeps going every day? Really? Even if my kids are tired. Hmmm…. this is new.
  • The super duper heat. Not a fan.

My favorite images from this week:

my kindergartener

I found this one when I was editing the twins I photographed last week. Love it.

Just blogged this one yesterday, but I love the sweet excitement from the big sisters. So precious…