newborn twins, dennis & sosi

World, meet Dennis and Sosi. Oh 6 day old newborn twin babies… What a privilege it was to photograph them. Twins don’t come along quite as often for me to photograph so I was really excited to play with these little ones and try some new poses and things. I love how Dennis appears to be already taking care of his twin sister, Sosi, in these images.

newborn twin babies

Someone who loved these little twins before they were even born knitted them some little newborn hats. I love it so much with the mommy has some cute little baby hats that she brings with her to their photo shoot. That way they’re unique to you and your baby.

newborn twins

Oh and baby feet… there’s something special about all those tiny toes. Look at the perfection that comes with 10 little tiny toes. I even love the little peely skin. It’s a reminder of just how fresh they are to the world. What a blessing…

newborn twins feet