faves….even though it's not friday

Friday faves… I haven’t really done many of them lately. Why? Because there have been too many regular photo shoots to post and not enough days in the week to post them all.  🙂  So, I’m going to do a faves post, even though it’s not Friday. 🙂  This past week was full….full of fantastic, important stuff….my family. It was full with my little family at the coast, it was full with my extended family at Thanksgiving, and it was full of Christmas decorating amongst other things. It was really quite fantastic.

So my faves for this past week were:

  • collecting rocks and hiking through the gorgeous forest of trees at montana de oro with my boys
  • teaching (with the help of my hubby) both of our little boys how to ride their bikes without training wheels. Oh so fun! Really!!
  • watching a modern family marathon with my sweet hubby while on vacation (you know, the show, Modern Family…quite hilarious)
  • food…yummy food…more than I should’ve enjoyed 🙂
  • NOT getting up and getting the little people ready for school….definitely liked that
  • time off, time away, and time with those that I love so dearly.