friday faves

My favorites…

  • Calm Tazo tea in the evening… mmmm…
  • A long run with girlfriends. I really do love it and I’m not crazy.
  • When my little boys actually stay in bed at bedtime. It happened twice this week. 🙂
  • Watching my boys explore in the mountains and spending time with family. Fabulous.
  • the awesomeness of old school cabins in the mountains…love it.
  • Hume Lake and all that goes into that amazing community.

Favorite images:

Every great classic cabin comes equipped with 300 issues of National Geographic from the 60’s right? And an assortment of board games with taped up boxes. Right? Really, they do. Always. 🙂

My sweet boys…

Me… no make up and my running clothes… the real me. 🙂