friday faves

This past week has been a blur, for the most part it’s been an awesome blur, but a blur none the less. So, let’s think…some favorites from this week:

  • Loved teaching some new friends of mine how to use their fancy cameras on MANUAL in a little workshop last Saturday. Details here and here.
  • Going to the movie theater with my three favorite boys.
  • Swimming with kiddos and friends now that the summer heat has arrived.

And a few not so favorites just cause they’re on the forefront of my mind:

  • Walmart. Enough said.
  • Laundry piles that last two days…

Some of my favorite pics from the week:

This is a little miracle baby. He was born at 29 weeks and continues to grow and grow and grow. He’ll be on my blog next week, but I just had to share this one pic. This is my new little antique bed. Isn’t it fun? (Oh, and the baby’s pretty sweet too.)

These sweet girls are my nieces. Love them. :)

I love this pic below because my hard working hubby wore this lanyard around his neck all day last week as he competed in Clovis’ first “59 Days of Code” (more on this to come in an upcoming blog). It didn’t have his name on it, rather it just said “Geek”. Pretty fabulous, huh? :)

Happy Friday everyone!