friday faves

Some favorites from this fabulous week:

  • I finally finished the book “Breaking Dawn”. I know, I started it forever ago, maybe last summer or fall, not sure. Anyways it took me a while to get back on it only because life got in the way. The book was awesome! Intense! Can’t wait for the last two movies. 🙂
  • Cool evenings out on the back patio with my hubby. Love it.
  • watching my little Drew as he “rang the bell” at swim lessons and finally passed his level. He was so excited about his medal. 🙂
  • Had a wonderful week recognizing God’s goodness.
  • late evening summer sun. it’s gorgeous.

Some of my favorite pics from this week:

Warm summer evening light and adorable little kids. Doesn’t get much better.

A sweet baby and some new textures…

And my little Drew ringing the bell after getting his medal at swim lessons. 🙂  Way to go Drew!! (you know you love the goggles… they’re awesome, huh?)