friday faves

This week has been rainy, but fabulous. Here are a few faves from this week:

  • love the blossoms, the green grass in the foothills, and the fresh, clean air
  • loved taking pictures of two boys in their tuxedos in the foothills, pics on that to come soon…
  • loved a much needed mid-week at home date with my man…movie, ice cream, and relaxation
  • watching my sweet hubby read the first Narnia novel aloud to my little boys….super sweet.

Big vast¬† internet, friends, and whoever’s out there checking out my blog….thanks for your support. I am so grateful for this business and all of my friends and clients who support it. Feeling very blessed. Thank you.

Here are a couple of my favorite pics from this week. This is little Bennett (and his daddy of course). I don’t know Bennett very well but I already love him. How can you not love this boy? His energy… His contagious smile… His awesome hair… Bennett, you’re precious.