friday faves

Well, this week has been great, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also been very full. Here are a few favorites from this week:

  • starbucks…coffee…sleep…love all of it.
  • going for a run in the crisp cold air. It really, just clears my head.
  • Drew, my 3 year old, is really hilarious. I have enjoyed his many words of wisdom this week.
  • My husband, Phil, has been super awesome. Super supportive and super awesome. Did I say awesome? Yes, I did.
  • Pushing my boys really high on the swings at the park on a crispy cool day. Love it.
  • … really worth checking out. It’s an online custom grocery list creator and it’s fantastic and it’s FREE. Saves me time as I walk through the grocery store. The list is my list, with my custom groceries, in order as I walk through my particular Trader Joes on Willow and Nees. Makes my shopping so much quicker. Love it. (oh yah, and by the way, my husband created this website. It’s awesome!)

My favorite pictures from this week:
(I know I blogged this one on Monday. Sorry for the repeat, but he just makes me smile. And this week, I’m up for smiles.)