big tires, big rocks, & lots of dirt

My brother, Nathan, competes in Extreme Rock Crawling. He’s actually really quite awesome. I just got back from Donner Ski Ranch up in Northern California where I spent the weekend with my family watching my brother compete. Not only are he and his spotter, Tim, sponsored by Trail-Gear and ABC Cooling to compete in this sport, but they placed second place this weekend and have taken first place in the previous two W.E. Rock Competitions. These guys are awesome. It’s looking like they’ll probably win the whole W.E. Rock 2010 series in their class. My brother and his teammate and spotter, Tim, crawled huge rocks as they went through each of the courses over two days this weekend. He rolled completely twice, once landing back on all four tires and continuing the course. The other time was a horizontal double roll. Nice. If you haven’t heard much of this extreme sport you should check out W.E. Rock here or at Pirate 4×4 here. Below are some of the images I captured while observing this weekend.

My boys had so much fun playing on the mountain, climbing the rocks, and playing in the dirt and snow with their cousins (Yes…there was still snow at the end of June) while cheering on their Uncle Nathan.