bruises and bandaids…

Our kids often have bruises and need bandaids when we’re at home. But then we go out on a photoshoot and have them in perfectly ironed clothes with their hair done and we photoshop any scratches on their faces, etc. That’s all wonderful but what about those memories at home? Are we capturing those? Are you capturing those with your camera? I want to remember all the bruises as well as the cute little outfits. I want to remember the silly faces, the birthday parties, and the sleepovers.

I often get questions from my friends and clients about how to use their camera to take better pictures at home. I want to help you learn how to use your camera better, whether you have a little pocket sized point and shoot or a big camera with all the different lenses. So, check out the new blog… Bookmark it, subscribe via email, or add it to your RSS feed cause we’re gonna have some fun with our cameras…one little bit at a time.

This bruised and bonked boy is my little Drew. He went through a stage last year when he fell down all the time. Memories….so glad I have pictures of his bonks and lovely scratches.

Let’s capture some real memories at home and make them fabulous.