oh the family photo shoot

So, we had our family photos taken this month like many other families all over the city, state, and world. And once again, it was a good reminder for me of what my clients go through. I’m particular, yet kick back (depends on the area). But all in all, I desire fabulous photographs that reflect my sweet family. So, here’s how it went down…

My thoughts before:

  • What color clothing do we want to wear?
  • Eeeh, I hope my four year old will behave. He’s sooo not into pictures right now.
  • Location, hmmm, natural for sure. Just mellow and pretty evening light.
  • I found a gray vest for Drew, that’s cute, that’ll work.
  • Phil has a gray shirt. Hmm….Kyle….
  • Ok that blueish shirt for kyle will work, but now me…ugh…me…
  • “Phil, I need to go shopping”
  • I am SO not shopping on black friday….MUST fit this in quickly before Thanksgiving.
  • ok, got a top for me.
  • I hope Drew cooperates for the photos…oh the drama of a four year old and a photo shoot.

Thoughts and words, day of the photo shoot:

  • “Ok, Babe, remember we have photos this afternoon. I really need you to be ready early to help me with the boys so it’s mellow. Please.”
  • Ugh, gotta finish my hair, what equipment am I taking?, Drew’s hair, Kyle’s hair, oh props? nah…
  • “Phil, you done watching football already?”
  • Drew: “I don’t like taking pictures.”  Mommy: “You’ll get marble slab ice cream after, remember pictures are important to mommy. Plus we’re just mostly going exploring and gonna play together outside. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun.”
  • Note to self, bring some little candies too, just in case.
  • “No your shirts fine, no time to iron it. Come on, let’s get in the car. We’re gonna be late.”

We arrive, explore, shoot pictures, all the while…

  • “Drew, come on buddy, come over here. I have some candy for you.”
  • seriously!
  • oh, how i love my boys. really.
  • seriously! 🙂

I guess I just wanted all you mamas out there to know that family pictures are wonderful, fabulous, and so very worth it. But even for my family, they’re a lot of work. They’re worth it, I say it once again, but …. they’re a lot of work because of the age of our little preschool children. So now you know, you’re not alone. Even the photographer feels that way. 🙂  But my hope is that I can remember how you feel and that I can calm your nerves and help to produce fabulous family photos that capture your family in a beautiful way….but also ….just how they really are. 🙂

Here are a couple of pics from my iphone after our photo shoot when we were at Marble Slab Creamery. 🙂

And the family pics will be online… later, but they were very successful. Taken by the fabulous Aaryn James.