more new christmas card designs

There are more new Christmas card designs! Check ’em out! I’ve put a few here on the blog. You can see the rest on my website. These come in four textured paper choices: linen, pearl, matte, and my newest favorite…watercolor. And oh yes, they come with envelopes. For sure. What size are these cards? Oh…5×7, 5×5 square, or 5×5 circle ornament. And the ornaments come with ribbon to hang them and envelopes to mail them. You’ll be fully equipped.

I can make cards for you even if you’ve had me take your pictures earlier in the year. There are no rules that you must have your pictures shot in the fall. If you’d like cards from your spring or summer photo shoot with me, there will be no additional charge to repost your pictures online, just send me an email and let me know and then can order them here.

These particular cards have a winter blue theme. 🙂