It's just about time for christmas cards

I’m so excited to offer this fun new line of Christmas cards…actually they’re Christmas ornaments! I know, I already blogged about these, but I’m delighted to have some updated details and pricing! I now have samples in studio and I will now be offering these ornament cards in four different finishes…matte, watercolor, linen, and pearl. Fabulous you say? Right, well, they are also going to be…. (wait for it) …. only $5 more per set than the original flat Christmas cards. Can I hear a woot! woot!??? And one more thing…(you ready?)…they’re shipping fast too!! So that means all of you November photo shoots, these are now options for you as well. I know, you’re welcome. 🙂

The Christmas ornament cards will include….(drumroll please)….ribbons to hang your lovely ornaments, envelopes to mail them in, and they will be printed on your choice of textured card stock. Wowzers, I know.  🙂

Check out the detailed pricing on the website and your card design choices here as well (a few more ornament designs will be online by morning). YAY!!! Can you tell that I’m excited? Sorry, I just can’t contain myself.