friday faves

My faves from this week:

  • So much Fall fun this week with Halloween and more.
  • Carving pumpkins with my little boys and hubby. Drew’s pumpkin was tricky because it was the smallest pumpkin ever.
  • Good time with great friends.
  • Crockpot dinners… the ease of the crockpot makes my heart happy.
My fave pics from this week (cause they tell a story):
We had a little costume drama this year. We started out as a storm trooper and a transformer (costume #1 for each boy)
Then life happens and we can’t find these costumes anywhere and I mean anywhere! I searched and searched and went crazy and searched some more. So, then comes Kyle’s costume for his dress up day at school. We threw together Cowboy Kyle. (costume #2)
We thought the costumes would have turned up by Halloween night but no luck so… costume set number 3 was a crazy dragon and a detective. I think we all learned a little flexibility this Halloween (which is a good thing).
We also had some fun carving pumpkins together. Drew’s goal was to carve the smallest pumpkin he could find. I think he accomplished that goal.
Happy Fall friends! Enjoy your family this weekend.