friday faves

Faves from this week:

  • Right now, this morning… (though I’m writing this on Thursday night, I know what tomorrow holds) … my hubby and two boys are home this morning. Oh the thought of a cozy jammie family morning fills my heart. 🙂
  • Soccer. Love seeing my big boy work hard at a sport.
  • Getting things checked off my list. I do like that.
  • My hubby. I love him so.

Fave pics from this week:

My little Drew got to go on a complete tour of our nearby police station. He’s super into all that kind of stuff. I was so grateful for the detective that took the time to show him everything including getting in both a police car and on a motorcycle. So fun for my boy…

I love this one because this beautiful little girl chose not to give us many smiles during 3/4 of our session. But then at the end… we got her. 🙂