friday faves

I haven’t done a friday faves in a while, so here are some faves for these past few weeks of summer:

  • Watching my big boy sing his heart out to Jesus in VBS. Seriously. It makes my heart full.
  • Shaver lake…it’s practically in our backyard and I’m so grateful. It’s so beautiful and a nice escape from the heat.
  • Cafe via’s iced caramel coffee. Never knew instant coffee at home could be quite so fabulous. Oh my.
  • Seeing joy on my big boy’s face as he experiences special little surprises on his birthday.
  • Realizing how blessed I am with the people in my life. Very thankful.
  • The fact that my boys think that the BART train into San Francisco is in fact Geo Trax.  🙂
  • Drew telling me that he needs a haircut cause he looks like a girl. 🙂
  • Summer in general…it’s kind of awesome.

And some fave pics:
(from my iphone)