friday faves

Why hello there….thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog (insert super happy face here)…

Here are a few faves from this previous week or two (or three):

  • Being with my two little boys. I am snuggling, kissing, and enjoying them so much after a week away from them.
  • Spending last week in Maui with my favorite man…my husband. Truly amazing and so very grateful.
  • Back home…Raindrops, cool breezes, and the need for a sweat shirt. Ahhhhh.
  • My wonderful clients…really am blessed with great, great people.
  • Girlfriends. God knew I needed them.
  • Seeing an itty bitty bit of maturity and growth in my six year old…. also known as “hope”.  🙂
  • Warm caffeinated coffee. Need and love.

Some fave pics from this past week or two:

My kyle…when we were up real high on the ferris wheel…my friend Ellie took some pics of our family as we played at the fair. I love this shot because this is his excited but unsure look (Ellie took this pic)…

And a few fun crazy pics from my iphone and edited with instagram (welcome to living with boys)…

This picture below is of the beautiful island of molokai…

Me and my man…ahhhh…(remember the crazy pics of my boys above, yah, need a little peace now and then)….

And a few more iphone/instagram pics…

Have a fabulous weekend!