friday faves

Some faves from this week:

  • actual fall weather…wind, leaves blowing, brisk air, the need for my cozy uggs…
  • coffee, coffee, and coffee
  • receiving larger than life beautiful canvases in the mail for my clients….yawning babies, laughing families, can’t wait to see these on my clients’ walls (hopefully at least in a picture)
  • time spent tickling my youngest….i am convinced that tickling and wrestling are his love language. and i happen to love his amazing laughter that results from it. win. win.
  • leaves on the ground. love.

Some fave pics from this week:
(These small pics are from my iphone)

A sweet time of trick-or-treating with my little star wars characters last week.

Speaking of trick-or-treating….have you guys seen this candy yet? It’s still sugar and for sure a treat…but it’s a treat made with REAL food. Not fake junk (like corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, etc.). And apparently they’re starting to be available in Target. Yippee for real food treats. Check it out. It’s called Unreal Candy.

And we all know that there was the big election this past week. My little second grader got into it as well. What you may not have known is that “Brocklebomma was elected as president”. How great is his sweet school paper below? I think this paper is a keeper. 😉

And for a few fave pics from my legit camera…

Happy friday! And happy happy long weekend!