keepsake albums

I wanted to take a moment to show you a sweet baby keepsake album…

We all love having digital images to keep on our computer, to post on facebook, and for many other purposes. It’s also so very fun to give out beautiful announcements bragging about your baby’s arrival. But I love newborn keepsake albums. And these are for you… the parents. To keep… forever. As your new baby grows and changes you will likely have more photographs taken of them. And when they turn six, and seven, and eight you might change some of the pictures on your wall. You probably won’t have their beautiful birth announcement still on the fridge but… you will still have your beautiful keepsake album and you will likely still look at it.

Even if it has moved from your coffee table to your bookshelf because they have turned seven years old. You always have it. It’s printed (professionally and fabulously) and it’s not on your computer or saved on a disc somewhere. That is my favorite thing about these beautiful custom albums.

This particular album is an 8×8, hardcover with a custom photo cover, matte (non-glossy) lay flat pages. You can find all of my pricing for products including albums here.

Do you wish you would have ordered one from a previous shoot and didn’t? ¬†Well… you still can. Just send me an email.