newborn sessions at your home

One of my recent and very awesome clients snapped this picture of me with her iPhone and I was so grateful that she did. This is me photographing a sweet newborn right in the middle of some little twin girls’ playroom full of toys. See the big girls playing right behind my baby set up?

Most moms of brand new babies assume that their home has to be perfectly picked up and have the most gorgeous spots to photograph their babies in order for me to come to their home. But it’s actually much more common that I photograph babies in the midst of real life. And by real life I mean with older siblings playing, laundry piled on the couch, dishes in the sink, or even toys on the playroom floor.

I just want you to know that you can be in the midst of real life and I would still love to come to your home and photograph your beautiful babies and family. You don’t even have to pick it up all up perfectly for me.

(disclaimer: I had permission from the mom to post this photo…and she’s an awesome mama with a beautiful home)

And this picture below was the result. See? You can’t tell if there’s toys around or older sisters playing in the background. Real life is still happening but I get to focus on your sweet baby and capture her beauty as a brand new life.

So, just clear off your bed…

Or clear off your couch…

Or if you’re feeling like an over achiever, actually make your bed…

And we’ll get some great pictures of your sweet new baby in their own home.