friday faves…

Things are quite full right now but… I want to pause and do a little Friday faves because there is so much to pay attention to and so much to be grateful for.

Some faves from this week (and maybe even month):

  • My husband. He is the man for me without a doubt. And I am so proud of my hard working man.
  • Corn mazes… my boys love mazes of any sort but they get especially excited about corn mazes. How fun is that right? Well we found a good one this year and they loved it. I have a feeling next Fall we may be on the hunt for even bigger corn mazes.
  • Quiet evenings. Currently quiet evenings are a little harder to come by with soccer and the busy Fall photography season but oh when they happen…I am ever so grateful. I am on a mission to make more slow quiet evenings happen. Evenings with games of uno, listening to my big boy play piano, laying on the couch, and tickling… lots of tickling.
  • Coffee. Just coffee.
  • My yoga pants and workout clothes. I have not worked out much this month but I have loved editing in my cozy yoga pants. 🙂
  • God’s faithfulness. I’m grateful.

Some favorite images from these past couple of weeks (from my phone and legit camera):

And I love this one of my boys below in their halloween costumes. Doesn’t my big boy look so grown up?