my gamers

My two little guys (and my big guy…let’s be real) are into Skylanders. Have you heard of Skylanders? No? Well if you’re a mom of boys you might want to check it out. Cause they’re way over the top into it. But that’s my boys…whatever they get into, they’re all in. And well, it’s spring break around here so tonight before bed, this is what went down around our house. It’s serious business around here. Exciting, dramatic, emotional, and fun.

Here are a few pictures of them gaming together this evening before bed.

This week I am committing to shooting more for me and my family. It’s spring break and I’m home with my boys so I’ll take at least a couple pics a day of them… and blog them. That’s my challenge and hope. We shall see…  Hope you’ll visit again and check them out.  Happy Spring!  :)