Palmer Juliette and her big sister

Photographing itty bitty siblings isn’t always the easiest task. Sometimes it can be pretty hard work, and usually, it isn’t the newborn that’s the hard part. 😉 Most often, but not always, it’s the two year old little person who’s the difficult one. Their world just changed as this new baby came into their home and maybe even took their precious mama’s attention away. Then they come into this strange photography studio space and are asked to lay down or sit with this same new little baby. So strange, so precious, and so so worth it. Big sister Sutton was not difficult. She was amazing and loved snuggling with her baby sister. Aren’t these two little ones so sweet together? Pictures of our babies when they’re so tiny are such meaningful forever keepsakes. They’re always worth it. So don’t you worry mamas out there, sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not, but it’s always worth it.