Playfulness at the beach

Each year as the Summer sun heats up and gets more intense in California’s Central Valley, it seems my family and I head out toward the cooler coastal areas more and more often. We just love the cool windy days at the beach. I mean, I’m sure everyone does. But, I think my favorite thing about the beach is the feeling of peace and calm that comes upon me. It’s like God created this huge massive powerful ocean just to remind me how small I actually am. And also, at the same time, how valuable I am. Because He could have made it boring and ugly and just there to serve a function, but He made it big and beautiful and majestic. It’s pretty incredible to think that He may have actually wanted me (and each of us) to be able to enjoy it as well. 

So, I have an appreciation for the big beautiful beaches in California and aim to spend time at them whenever possible. I have also really enjoyed inviting some of my sweet clients to bring their family over to the coast to be photographed. Everyone comes looking put together and fabulous and we for sure capture images of sweet smiles and lovable children. But my very favorite images to capture are the ones that reflect the personality and playfulness of your child. Images like these. Sweet Ellie and Ben just being kids at the shoreline. Ben could not wait to get on his swimsuit. In fact, I think during our session he must have asked for his “swimsuit” in his little raspy boy voice after every single click of my camera. That was the big reward he was looking forward to. Way better than candy. I agree Ben.