6-month-old studio photography session

Oh, this sweet happy baby! This is little miss Isla. She’s beyond precious. And she’s growing up fast. 

We did a 6-month-old photography session of little Isla in my photography studio. These sessions are simple, sweet, and so much fun. I have a home photography studio in Clovis, California. I use studio lights, little simple setups, I can provide clothing and accessories or you can bring them if you’d like. I do my best to make it as easy as possible for you hard-working mamas. It’s all about capturing the expressions and beauty of your little one, quickly and easily while they’re happy. 

Time is a beast and just keeps going by so I highly recommend capturing your sweet little ones during these different stages. The sitting up, 6 to 8-month-old stage is one of my favorite ages to capture. If you’d like to have me photograph your little one in my studio or outside, you can sign up here for a session.