Newborn photography and planning ahead

Sweet brand new babies are such a little gift. It’s such a sweet time to photograph them while they are so small in order to capture this quickly changing season. If you are wishing to have a posed newborn session where the baby stays asleep, then it’s best to hire a photographer to capture some precious images during their first two weeks of life. This is because they are at their tiniest, their sleepiest, and are their little bodies are quite moldable for the little squishy poses. 

If you are wanting more of an unposed lifestyle session with your newborn baby at your home or at the photographer’s studio then you have a little bit more flexibility with this timeline because the baby can be a bit older and more awake.

Often new mamas aren’t aware of these timelines and are overwhelmed because they often find this out after they’ve already had their sweet baby. Then when they contact a photographer they learn about this timeline and the photographers are often booked out a month or two. So, take note of the fact that you may need to plan ahead and book your newborn photographer before your sweet baby arrives. It’s worth it because this time while they’re little just goes so quickly.