Family Photography Sessions at the Beach

I love photographing families playing together at the beach. So. Much. There’s something about taking your shoes off, putting your feet in the sand, and even getting your toes wet. When I do photo sessions at the coast it seems like we’re all a little bit more in vacation mode and relaxed. And…it makes the images so much better. 

So, I have a word for you sweet mamas who want perfect family pictures. Relax. They will be perfect. Not because everyone’s obeying or because everyone’s smiling. But because I am committed to capturing your family in a real way, a way that reminds you in a few years of how your little ones and you and your man were now, at this moment. But you have to do something for me, you have to relax. I know you’re spending time, money, and stressing over outfits and naptimes. But we’ll get it.

I was talking with a sweet friend recently who didn’t realize that I traveled for photo sessions. YES! I do! So, if you have a sweet idea of a location, run it by me and we’ll see what we can do. But my very favorite way to photograph families out of town is to plan my own family vacation, find lovely photography locations near where my family is staying, and make session dates available for you. This way, there is no travel fee for you either! My family gets to be together and enjoy each other, I get to photograph your family in a beautiful, unique setting, and you don’t have to pay a travel fee because I’m already there! Win-win!

The best way to find out about my available out of town dates is to get on my newsletter. You can sign up here and I promise I won’t spam you. I’ll actually do the opposite and give you tips for taking your own photos and hanging those pictures on your walls!