Studio Maternity

Welcome to 2020. I love a new fresh year. Though it can be overwhelming in some ways, there’s just something about a fresh start and a clean slate.

Did you not accomplish what you wanted to last year? Fresh start.
Did you fail to truly do what you wanted to with your kids? Do it this year.
Did you not accomplish your goals in your business? Do it now.
Do you want to be a better friend, wife, or daughter of the King? Fresh slate, this is your time.

This year, I want to make a few changes in my sweet little creative business. One of the things that I have to do more often is to create new things. Sometimes it can be tiring though. The tiring part for me can often be the same part that brings me inspiration and spurs me forward. Which seems conflicting and confusing.

This year, I want to be thoughtful, present, creative, and fresh. But…at the same time, my business has to work together with my family life. Therefore, I am limited in some of the areas where I would love to try a bunch of new things. But I choose my family and my business both, and not just my business. So, I will make new things within the boundaries that work for my family.

The first change that I’m making that is exciting and inspiring to me, is that I’m beginning to offer Studio Maternity sessions. I want to create spaces for you expecting mamas to be photographed in a simple beautiful way, within my studio. Here are a few images from a recent session with a beautiful expecting mama. (I can’t wait to meet her new little one so soon and photograph him or her as well)