Playful family photography

Mamas, I want to photograph you with your favorite people, yes. But…I want to play. I don’t want you to expect perfection. Not from me. Not from your kids. But let’s expect each of us to show up and expect to engage with each other and to play and enjoy each other. Perfection is not truly attainable and requires a high level of intensity and demands quite a bit from your little ones or teens. I want to capture beauty. I want to capture your story, but not the perfect parts, just the beautiful parts and all of the love. So, dress up, do your makeup and hair for sure, but then let your hair flow in the wind. Tickle your kids, sing songs, dance, play follow the leader, and for sure give them all the hugs. Let’s make new sweet memories while we take pictures instead of being stressed together. I can’t wait to photograph your sweet family playfully.

I would also love to help you with your clothing combos. Most of these little persons’ clothing came from Zara Kids. Zara has affordable, stylish, and beautiful clothing for kiddos (and adults alike).