Creating a Wall Gallery

Do you have a lovely but empty wall in your home? Are you considering creating a wall gallery of photos?

I’ve put together a tool to help you design, plan out, order, and hang your own beautiful wall gallery of pictures or art.

Sometimes it can be a little daunting to have a large empty wall to fill. And creating a wall gallery can sound like a big task. The act of deciding which pictures or pieces of art, what style or design, and what to frame them in can be overwhelming. So, I wanted to help you. I have a whole bunch of design ideas, real-life examples of galleries in people’s homes, and detailed tips as to how to put them up on the wall and make them even and looking great.

You can currently get this 10 page downloadable PDF for free just by signing up for my newsletter! Do it, you won’t regret it. ;) 

Whether you want a wall gallery with a freeflow design that can grow over the years or more of a modern simplistic look that stays the same. Both of these looks and more can be created easily and without frustration. Check out my downloadable PDF and make your life easy (and beautiful) when planning out your gallery wall.

I also have lots of additional design ideas on my Pinterest board. I’ll tell you where you can purchase high-quality prints, canvases, frames, and more. I include tips on how to keep your gallery wall looking great and perfect even when little ones are roaming the house and touching the frames. Hanging pictures of the people that you love and meaningful art that tells a story creates such a sweet corner in your home. I highly recommend you create your own wall gallery and I’ll help you do it