The Chambers Family

January 12, 2017

So much fun hanging out in our local Kuppa Joy Coffee Shop and the most yummy Ampersand Ice Cream Shop. 

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Emilie Michelle, 7 Pounds

November 1, 2016

Gorgeous little miss Emilie. What an honor to be able to photograph a sweet little girl during her first week of life.

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The Spano Family

October 19, 2016

Oh warm golden sunlight and adorable little people…. pretty much my favorite. Yep, two of the things I love the most.

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The Hosoda Family

October 19, 2016

Family is such a sweet sweet thing. So grateful for mine and so grateful to capture moments with those that you love as well.

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Giada Francesca, 3 Weeks Old

October 12, 2016

Sweet baby girl. I love this simple clean white session. I’m a big fan of timeless, beautiful, and simple.

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the hansen family

October 11, 2016

Love the families and the lovely Fall weather….

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rhett dean, one week old

October 10, 2016

Sweet little man Rhett. You’re amazing, really.

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evelyn, 2 years old

September 29, 2016

Sweet Evelyn….you are such a darling girl. I literally cannot believe you are two. Weren’t we just photographing you as a newborn baby?

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the sumlin family

September 22, 2016

Sumlins…you’re pretty great. I’m grateful for all you do for our church family.

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